Security Tips at Music Concerts or Shows

Security Tips at Music Concerts or Shows

The Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival and Manchester Arena had tragic shooting experiences in October and May, respectively. As a result, music festivals and large arenas put more emphasis on concert security and audience safety.

Music festivals, shows, and concerts invest their resources in creating robust plans for emergency situations and security consultants. There is also a need for a security plan in theaters and smaller clubs for the safety of attendees.

According to Tommy Goodwin, the field operations director of Eventbrite, most events with a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 people have a single operations head. Goodwin manages onsite strategies for small and large festivals, including music venues. An operations manager is responsible for many tasks, including concert security. This explains why most operations managers fail to comprehend what entails emergency preparedness.

Concerts are fun events with memorable experiences. You don’t just listen to your favorite band but enjoy a moving experience. Others even become concert veterans in the long run. Music fans at concerts easily get drugged trampled, lost, punched, etc. Whether you’re working on a tight budget or not, it’s important to prioritize top concert security principles. But, people easily and regularly get hurt.

Follow all the tips provided in this article to improve your personal safety and security at festivals. You’ll become more knowledgeable on concert matters regarding security. Here’re a few tips to help you go to concerts safely:

1) Drink a lot of water

Many people attend festivals and dance around the venue. Concerts or shows can go for anything between 2 and 3 hours. This means that you’re bound to sweat a lot, translating to loss of water from your body. Drink clean water before and after the event to hydrate yourself. It also prevents lightheadedness. Make sure you drink at least an 8-ounce glass of water.

2) Dress properly

Just like drinking water, dressing well is mandatory. You sweat more if you dress heavily. Is the event taking place indoors or outdoors? Does it have enough seats or a coat check? The different factors determine the right dressing for any festival or concert.

3) Track your money and protect it

You don’t have to worry about protecting your money when you want to enjoy a concert or festival experience. Keep your money in your underwear, shoe or a concealed pocket. Avoid storing your money in a backpack because you can easily lose it through theft.

4) Go in a team or group

Don’t attend a concert alone. Instead, visit with friends or family for enhanced safety. This way, you’ll be able to watch each other’s back for eventualities. What’s more, experiencing shows as a group delivers a more fun experience.

5) Look out for security

Music festivals and shows invest in heavy security all the time. They look out for dangerous incidents at the event venue. However, they can’t see everything. It’s wise to know the location of security personnel at the event. You can ask for water, prevent theft or even prevent a fight.

6) Keep a watch on the environment

Check out and keep an eye on your immediate environment. What are the people talking about? Identify suspicious people or those who look dangerous and avoid them. This improves your safety while ascertaining that you enjoy a better experience.

7) Don’t accept food or drugs from strangers

Don’t accept anything edible from strangers, be it food, pills, or drugs. Even people who seem nice and harmless can put harmful stuff in what they offer you. Reject their offers.

8) Choose a specific spot for meet-ups

When events get crazy, it’s easy for those who visit as a group to get separated. Choose a specific spot at the venue where your team can meet up in case of a separation.

9) Pack a licensed gun with you

You can also bring your licensed gun for personal security, only if it’s allowed in the event. If you don’t have one yet, visit Guns N Freedom to learn more about gun ownership. Choose the right accessories for outfitting your AR 15 for a better look and appearance. But make sure that you know the laws about guns and you don’t use it wrongly. Do your research first before doing this.

10) Wear headphones or earplugs

Loud music can damage your ears, especially long-term hearing. Get your hands on earplugs designed to block out sound or noise from the environment.

11) Memorize important phone numbers

You can lose your phone, or its battery can die at a festival. You can also lose the sight of your friends, fail to pick a meet-up spot, or even forgot to pack an additional portable battery. Therefore, it’s important to memorize important numbers in your contact list or friends who came along to the event. If any of the things above happen, you can borrow a phone from your neighbor to make a quick call.

12) Speak out

If you notice something suspicious or identify something fishy going on, tell it to the security personnel. Report anything weird you may notice.

13) Find out the event venue Find out the location of an upcoming festival, including its sections, exits, etc. Determine the layout of the venue to help you find a quick exit if something goes wrong.

Keep an eye on your drinks and let someone know your whereabouts. It’s also important to choose the right mode of transportation to your favorite band music festival.