What We Do

Founded over a decade ago, 10 Out of Tenn is helping upcoming artists experience success in their music careers. We understand that the opportunities available for indie artists are greater than ever, and we aim to exploit this opportunity.

With so many options to pursue, we help emerging artists to make the right choices, choose avenues to follow, and adopt effective methods to obtain good results.

Today, more opportunities are available to indie artists, and we help beginners spot and exploit them. With social media, the career of indie artists is more successful than before.

At 10 Out of Tenn, we ensure those upcoming artists have access to proper guidance, gain confidence in their abilities, and access the funds they need to succeed in their music careers.

Our Members

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Joseph Green

Head of Production

Lisa Jacobs

Emerging Indie Artist

Jacob B.

Indie Artist

Lany Jordans

Online Marketer


What makes an artist or musician indie?

Also used to refer to indie pop and indie rock, the word ‘indie’ is used to describe independently-produced music. Although music that isn’t produced independently may fall under this category, indie artists usually cover different genres or musical styles. They also publish music without the help of record labels.

How much can an indie artist earn?

An indie artist without any affiliation to a record label can earn anything from $40K to six figures. Some indie artists who earn six figures for their music include Madilyn Bailey, Kina Grannis, Leah McHenry, and many others.

How do I become a successful indie artist?

Indie artists need to follow various steps to become successful in their careers. They must network continuously, take self lightly, create and dominate personal brand, choose company and team wisely, be easy to find, protect self from legal issues, and manage money wisely.


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