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How a Hybrid Saw and a Jointer can Create Musical Instruments

Woodworking tools are increasingly becoming useful due to their wide range of applications in our daily lives. The growth in technology has resulted in the development of more advanced woodworking tools to enable the woodworkers to act in various capacities without any limitations. When it comes to the music industry woodworking tools have enhanced the creation of a wide range of musical instruments. A jointer and hybrid saw are some of the main woodworking tools that have aided in the making of such instruments. The production of some of the musical instruments such as guitars, violins and pianos require that some surfaces be made as flat as possible and joined from end to end with high precision. A jointer provides such services. Additionally, it has a wide level surface that permits the woodworker to work efficiently when it comes to making such materials flat or joining them to required lengths.

Furthermore, a hybrid saw aids in the cutting of wooden and plastic materials into various shapes and sizes. The making of tools such as the guitar requires different types of materials in making joints and surfaces that produce the desired sounds. It’s also a modern tool that works efficiently and fast.

A jointer is simply a woodworking tool that is used to produce flat surfaces in different materials along a given board’s length. It operates or moves along the narrow sides of the material to make the butt joints or joining them to required panels. A jointer has a large and extended level surface that makes it possible for the woodworker to level and smoother the materials effectively. A cutter head containing two knives that are driven by a motor is also fitted on the table to aid in cutting such musical materials.

A hybrid saw is a motionless type of table saw that looks like a cabinet saw. Unlike other saws, it consists of an in-built motor that is fitted inside the cabinet with protruding saws of different shapes on the table. Hybrid Saws are very efficient when it comes to operations only that its almost difficult to move it from one position to another due to its heavy conditions. Materials are mounted on the table and passed over the rotating saws to produce fine shapes of the required materials. All you need to do is to keep the wood moving over the marked points and the required cut pieces are produced.

However, there are a few features that you will need to look at when buying such woodworking instruments in order to fulfill your needs. Firstly, the supporting stands need to be made of steel to keep it safe when in a wet environment. Secondly, they should have adjustable power plan systems so that you can easily control the amount of power consumption. Nonetheless, they should have wide tabletops for making the work efficient during the joining and cutting of the musical materials. Lastly, consider choosing the ones with a sliding top rather than a fixed one in order to make your work easier. Acquiring instruments with such characteristics requires less experience need and therefore you can easily make your musical instruments solely.

Ways for Singers to Improve Their Bathrooms

Singing as a career is one of the most fascinating activities that most people wish to engage in Most singers invest a lot of funds in the acquisition of luxury equipment which will ensure that they get the desired comfort which they always want. Singing as a hobby can be made more enjoyable if the singer is in a relaxed mood and in a cool environment. Apparently, most singers live a freestyle life, a life that has abundant freedom and not restricted to any conditions. Singing requires absolute dedication which involves a lot of things. Loving what you do is the fundamental driving force which will lead you to your success.

One of the coolest places where people find themselves engaged in singing habits without even their conscience is at the bathrooms. Have you ever wondered why you always encounter someone singing while in the bathroom or even yourself? Below are some of the reasons why bathrooms are common places where people love to sing.

• A bathroom provides all the freedom that either an experienced singer or an armature will wish for those who are planning to major in singing and would like not to be seen by others, always prefer taking some little time in the bathroom to at least sing because they have all the confidence they want.
• Scientifically, our minds would always engage in exciting activities when in a more relaxed environment. Bathrooms offer such environments which automatically stimulates the mind to start singing.
• Bathroom singing also permits the singer to listen to their voices because most bathrooms are enclosed and made up with materials that reflect back the sound. It takes quite some time before the sound disappears. This, therefore, allows the singer to hear how they really sound which plays a big role in motivating them.

However, in order for the singer to get maximum satisfaction while in the bathroom than some useful tips that will improve the bathroom need to be applied. Some of the main tips for bathroom improvements include;
– The installation of tankless water heaters that are of high quality which will ensure that the singer gets the bathing water that contains the desired temperature that he or she wishes to have. In particular, tankless water heater to provide singers warm bath during winter cold conditions.
– More improvised shower heads have to be used so that the adjustment of the quantity of water coming out of the shower is always easy.
– Spacious bathtub which will be an alternative bathing tool in case the sing wishes to immerse their body in water.
– A nice sink which serves a number of purposes such as offering a space for brushing the teeth.
– A medium side mirror to enable a singer to admire his or her singing act by watching the movement of lips.

A clean, comfortable and convenient bathroom plays a big role in helping the musician. In a comfortable bathroom, the singing creativity goes high due to the absence of external disturbances. Proper services should always be done on the water hammer toilet to avoid inconveniences while the singer is in the bathroom. This can be done by fitting blow off valves to drive out dirt. Therefore, bathroom improvement is an essential task boosts the singing ability of any musician.

How Singers Can Benefit From Taking Showers

Having a shower after a long and tired day is one thing we all crave for! If you haven’t had the chance today for the relaxation and you are a singer, I have got some amazing news for you as having a shower can benefit you professionally! Having a shower increases the alertness of the body as it increases the oxygen intake by making you produce more heat and thus keeping you warm and a warm body is more adjustable to different action stages throughout the day. It helps the muscles to wake up as a shower acts like an alarm clock to them and regulates and clarifies the grumpy voice we all have when we wake up.

All those hours of practice to achieve that one tone right surely leaves your muscle sore. Having a shower speeds up the muscle soreness and recovery. Showers make the throat muscle relax and provide ample enzymes to get them into their relaxed state. This pushes the state of throat muscles from stressed to rel.ed which lets you sing again and practice more!

Having a shower has its various health benefits and one need not explain the benefits as we are all aware of them but being a singer and having proper circulation proves more beneficial as the voice we produce is more likely to loosen the pitch if the circulation is not right. Increase in immunity is also some of the benefits of having a shower daily. Our body tends to release the extra waste we produce by lymphatic systems and showering drains clear the pores to have a better excretion. This soothes the feel of having a lighter body which explains our next point.

Getting a shower releases the stress and depression providing you emotional resilience by boosting your confidence. All the above benefits of higher oxygen intake and better circulation with muscle relaxation bring you the state of lesser strain keeping you rel. and happy. In today’s hectic and fast world, we all forget to relax and thus enter into a depressive state of mind which affects us in all the aspects of our life whether it is personal or professional.

Being a singer, you make the audiences happy and cheerful through your voice and the music understanding. They enjoy the feeling you create through your music and singing. So, it is of great importance when being happy comes to your part. Having a shower daily gives you that charm and calm look which is stress-free and full of confidence. This boosts the positive flow of energy by lowering the cortisol level in your body which is scientifically proven to be the stress hormone. The lower cortisol level gives you the bright and light approach toward your work and decrease in the depression lets you work freely, enjoying the time.

Many of us have a habit singing in the showers, but for you singer, this is just the extra practice you need to get that earlier tone right and TBFT helps you to feel the singing by providing you the perfect shower heads in your bathrooms. You deserve only the best shower heads in your bathrooms and you can get them at TBFT.

Reasons Why Musicians Always have a Garment Steamer

Why Musicians always have a Garment Steamer.

Starting from the students to the professionals, for those in front of the cameras and for those behind it, everyone looks better in freshly steamed clothes. In other words, this means that before we get dressed we need to prepare our outfit.

Sometimes it’s called ”clothes steamer”, this is a device that is going to allow you to get rid of dirty spots from your clothes. The steamer makes the material soft and relaxing into their natural state.

If you have a steamer in your wardrobe or in your room, it takes only 45 seconds to turn it on and it takes only 1 minute to steam the clothes. Once you steamed your blouse, dress or shirt, leave it like that on the hander to be ready for wearing as soon as you get out from the shower. It really looks so good and fabulous when you have your clothes steamed and left in the corner of your room, you just need to pick your favorite color and that’s it. Let’s be honest, who could live with setting up that ironing board all the time which looks like an ugly table? If you have a clothes steamer not only it will be much more practical but it looks great.

A garment steamer is so much better than an iron and that ugly board combination for everyone that has a busy life or even for people who does not have so much space in their rooms.

Reasons why musicians are using garment steamer:

1. The steamer is designed for easy removal with the huge range of solutions. It’s perfect for clothes that can be really hard to be ironed.

2. It is covering much more area with only one stroke with his steam plate

3. You can set the steam level for the results you want to get and on different kind of materials, and also you can adjust the pole on several height settings.

4. With generating powerful pressure you can remove dirty spots with only a few strokes.

5. The best thing is that it gives you the option to choose how you want to steam your clothes with a special garment hanger that provides comfortable and stable support.

The best thing with the steamers is that you cans team steam both virtually and fabric clothes. It is recommended to use it from smoothing dress shirts to soft jeans. If you wear pants, then use the steamer to set up the crease on them, too. Just put the clothes down on a flat ground and start moving the plate on the edge just like you should do it with iron.

There are variety of models but let me tell you about the one you are looking for. Are you ready to get your clothes steamed? For more products reviews check the list below:

Full-size steamers:

1.J-200 Jiffy steamer, around 180$ on Amazon,

2.Rowenta IS6300 Full sized steamer, around 130$ on Amazon,

3.Conair Compact steamer, around 60$ on Amazon;

Handheld Steamers:

1.Conair GS45 Steamer, around 50$,

2.PurSteam steamer, around 20$ on Amazon,

3.TaoTronics Steamer, around 20$ on Amazon;

How Photography Laptops Can Affect A Band’s Album

The power and impact of visuals are immeasurable. Anything and everything you see has higher memory retention than something you just heard. However, combining visual and sound, the possibilities would be endless. This is also why the music industry doesn’t discount what a good image or picture can do to affect their influence.

In a record store, you may initially go inside because of a particular artist or band, however, you will stop and pick up an album and check it out if the album cover artwork is something that catches your attention. You may or may not and up buying it, however, the image is already stuck in your head that you might recognize it somewhere else and eventually be familiar with the band and want to know more about them.

Nowadays, you don’t really need a record label to be able to release music but having an album cover artwork remains to be essential. The music streaming services would also have the album cover showing when you are playing a song. You may not have an actual physical CO or record; your digital sound would still have an image or photo that represents the band and the album. It would also be easier for your listeners to spot other songs from your album even if they just enjoyed one that got into the shuffle. And if you are in production, they’d be interested in a physical copy that would not be hard to spot since the image has been etched into their brain, alongside the good music of course.

Therefore, creating your album cover artwork should be taken seriously and with much deliberation. The quality and standard should be high since we know the competition is stiff, and it only takes less than a minute to capture the attention of your audience.

You may already have the equipment for your music, however, with much at stake, you would also have to invest in quality photography laptops to be able to endure the demands of the industry. This is where all the creative juices will flow. Of course, the laptop won’t produce the artwork on its own. It is the tool for the creative mind to release the ingenuity. The quality of the album cover artwork then will be limited to the capacity of your photography laptop.

Regular laptops may not have the capacity to meet your needs in photo editing or making the band’s album cover artwork. Advanced computer software that would assist you in the process would require distinct quality hardware that is in laptops specifically powered for your photography needs. Portability is one of the investments you would be making with a photography laptop against a desktop. With everything that’s riding on the album cover artwork, you would need a laptop that won’t disappoint.

Know what you need and what to look out for before making a purchase. Compare what is available in the market and maximize your budget. Take note of the specification in a laptop that is a must and those that you can forgive. For a photography laptop, most consider the processor, RAM, storage capacity and options, resolution, screen size and some also think about the battery life. Also, make sure that your software of choice runs in the operating system of the laptop you choose.

Producing an album cover artwork may entail a lot of brainstorming and decision making as this is one of the means to make an impression, and it must be a good one Aside from creativity, this will also hinge on the photography laptop that you will choose from here on out

Ping Pong: Indie Artists Form of Relaxation

Table tennis art: colour and art, the popularity of subculture and table tennis served an ace on the dynamics of the art used by the brand.

Do you remember what we did hobbies? You know, before starting the full-time job that’s hidden in the desk, do I need to be kept awake all the time? Our opportunities to benefit from extracurricular activities for our employees now have a critical mass, both in teamwork to sleep together at the Christmas party in the office or offices of the competitor’s daily bread in a tragic manner.

“There used to be a desk in the building, everyone came and kicked the company.” Everyone has the pleasure that many talented artists abandon the idea of perception. To clarify the opening of bats load and sell in the name of love. why not!

“I started the fourth year in the first year,” recalls Elgy. “We went to the children of the BBC in need of work,” he says, adding: “We have gained much more interest than we think, so move a little, it is growing every year and growing”

You were born of fashion ping-pong, Madeiran and increase the annual open exhibition now consists of a score of artists (since it is to win consequence, this game is), this bat, drawing, such as break and ask again. In connection with the closure of the study binary socialism in the need of children no longer helps Algy connected to focus on one thing instead of sports focusing on a strong relationship, decided affiliate association with mixing and displacement.

The opening of the exhibition promises a fun event. introduce artists “Table tennis” of table tennis and guests in the racing game for the applicant and the captured image – everyone is using their great finished favorite tables of ping-pong – apparently, it is not clear, pong, to be a special type.

The exhibition is just an introduction to the project: to get your hands on the racket, you must go to the online page auction site that will last until November 30.
Previously, a break between 100 pounds to 450 pounds with everything this year passes through a bucket from the roof. Alka, “Ryan Gander is entering the weight of thousands, who knows what you can do,” he says. “I do not think anyone can afford more investment if they can earn a lot of money!”

Attractive, fun, rude, powerful and bright fun – the year is really a racket to describe an appropriate term the book through some exciting British artists and painters “Ping-pong Art”.

Unlike sank political burden as the introduction of such a professional text Jake Dynos Chapman the hype affects the environment Breaks – everyone is an amazing project shameless and a group of the year has something that the wood 3D Wilfrid. In November, the type of ping pong’s great finish, the STAR fans, the team and the group offer the opportunity to bid anywhere online. All the blades will be shown tomorrow at Shoreditch Gallery 71A.

A British aid, the leader in the fight against dementia – Alzheimer’s Association: the possibility of owning these works due to this support of auctions is more exciting. If you are not lucky enough to win your favorite bat, go to your show and place your hand in a limited amount of books designed to accompany the show.

Andrew Belle

Born in Chicago, Andrew Belle is a recent addition to the Nashville artist community. He released his debut EP All Those Pretty Lights in 2008, and has since had songs featured in hit TV shows including CW’s “90210” and MTV’s “The Real World.” His song “I’ll Be Your Breeze” garnered nationwide radio airplay including steady rotation on Los Angeles tastemaker station KCRW’s critically acclaimed show “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” Belle’s debut full-length release, The Ladder, will be released this fall.


09.14.11 –
Location: Knoxville, TN
Venue: The Square Room

09.15.11 –
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Venue: The Southern

09.16.11 –
Location: Washington D.C.
Venue: Iota

09.17.11 –
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Highline Ballroom

09.18.11 –
Location: Boston, MA
Venue: Brighton Music Hall

09.20.11 –
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: World Cafe Life

09.21.11 –
Location: Baltimore, MD
Venue: Ram’s Head Live

09.22.11 –
Location: Louisville, KY
Venue: Headliners


09.23.11 –
Location: Chicago, IL
Venue: Park West

09.25.11 –
Location: St. Louis, MO
Venue: Old Rock House


09.26.11 –
Location: Oxford, MS
Venue: Proud Larry’s

09.27.11 –
Location: Jackson, MS
Venue: Hal & Mal’s

09.28.11 –
Location: Birmingham, AL
Venue: Workplay Theater


09.29.11 –
Location: Nashville, TN
Venue: Live On The Green

09.30.11 –
Location: Charlotte, NC
Venue: Neighborhood Theatre

10.01.11 –
Location: Atlanta, GA
Venue: Variety Playhouse



An Independent songwriter, living in Nashville, who has had her songs featured on more than 20 TV shows (Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars) as well as National TV ads for Eharmony and Walmart. Amy has released 3 digital EPs and two nationally distributed full length solo recorded entitled The Other Side of Love Sessions and most recently Tunnel.

In 2012 Trent Dabbs and Stroup released a self titled band project called Sugar & The Hi-Lows. Billboard magazine called the project ‘Sweet Stuff.’ USA Today said,’The only thing better than the bluesy, garage-rock guitars is Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup’s vocal chemistry.’ Marie Claire magazine stated, ‘This Nashville duo’s sultry garage rock comes in like a lion, thanks to fuzzy guitars and Amy Stroup’s salted-caramel voice.’ She is currently on tour with Sugar and The Hi-Lows .

Andrew Belle is a Chicago based singer-songwriter. He released his debut album, The Ladder, in 2010 and its follow up, Black Bear, in 2013. Along with these albums, Andrew has self-released two EPs, All Those Pretty Lights and The Daylight.

On the theme of his upcoming release of Black Bear, Andrew refers to an excerpt from Clive Staples Lewis’s 1955 autobiography, Surprised by Joy:

The odd thing was that before God closed in on me, I was in fact offered what now appears a moment of wholly free choice. I became aware that I was holding something at bay, or shutting something out. I could open the door or keep it shut. I chose to open. I say, “I chose,” yet it did not really seem possible to do the opposite.

While Andrew’s early vocal performances have drawn comparisons to Mat Kearney and Greg Laswell, his newest work shows strong musical influence from alternative artists such as Beach House, Washed Out, M83, and Bon Iver.

Andrew’s nuanced melodies are strengthened by thoughtful, contemplative lyrics, and have served as a soundtrack to numerous hit television shows, including: Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Castle, and Vampire Diaries. In 2009, Andrew was presented with awards for John Lennon Pop-Songwriting and MTV Chicago’s Best Breakout Artist. Black Bear was acknowledged by iTunes as a part of their Rewind: Best of 2013 list; The Ladder was acknowledged by iTunes as a part of their Rewind: Best of 2010 list.

Additionally, Andrew has spent the past four years traveling and performing with friends such as Katie Herzig, Greg Laswell, Ben Rector, Madi Diaz, The Milk Carton Kids, and is thrilled to be a part of the critically acclaimed national touring group Ten Out Of Tenn.

Andy Davis’s smart and seductive blue-eyed soul music weds indelible hooks to sly, incisive lyrics, creating songs that sound like newly minted pop-soul classics.

A Louisiana native, Davis released his first album, “Thinks of Her,” in 2004. “Thinks of Her” struck a chord on college campuses, selling out its initial print run. The original pressing of the CD — with Davis’s hand-written lyrics and stenciled cover art — became a collector’s item within months of its release.

In 2005, the remastered rerelease of “Thinks of Her” gained Davis national exposure and brought him to the attention of legendary music producer Mitchell Froom (Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello). The result of their collaboration was “Let the Woman,” a sophisticated, sonically adventurous album that ignited a bidding war. Barnes and Noble won the exclusive rights to distribute “Let the Woman” online and and in their stores all over the world. The album’s single, “Brown Eyes,” became a staple on AAA radio stations nationwide, and “Let the Woman” became a #4 bestseller.

Davis toured extensively in support of “Let the Woman”, both headlining and opening for Colbie Caliat, Jakob Dylan, Mat Kearney, Will Hoge, Howie Day, and NEEDTOBREATHE.

The following year, Davis became a prominent member of Ten Out of Tenn, a critically acclaimed collective of Nashville singer/songwriters who joined forces for a collaborative tour that was documented in the award-winning documentary film, “Any Day Now.”

In 2009, Davis returned to Nashville to record his latest EP, “New History,” which was featured in — and inspired — a recent episode of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In March of 2011 Davis broke back onto the scene launching a Kickstarter campaign, asking fans to help fund his next album. He ended up raising over $41,000 in 30 days, and went to LA to make another album with Mitchell Froom and David Boucher. Bringing in acclaimed studio musicians Matt Chamberlain and David LaBruyere, Davis captured an album’s worth of songs in an oldschool style, abandoning the click track and focusing on real, live musical moments between he and the musicians. The result was a new full-length album, called Heartbreak Yellow.

Heartbreak Yellow was released on iTunes Jan 3, 2012, and was immediately in the top rankings of the Singer/Songwriter genre.

A thoroughly contemporary artist raised on old-school rock and soul, Andy Davis’s infallible ear for hooks — for a well-turned phrase — and for the often irregular heartbeat of human relationships continues to engage longtime fans and win him new ones.

“This is a new era for me, being independent and calling my own shots,” says Butterfly Boucher of her self-titled album out April 10. Originally signed to the now-defunct but once mighty A&M records, her ‘03 debut Flutterby drew notable mentions from David Bowie, Madonna, Ben Folds and Sarah McLachlan. But Boucher was caught up in the decade’s label maelstrom, and was unable to release her second album until 09. Now, as not only a performing artist, but also a multi-instrumentalist, writer, arranger, and producer – she’s funneled her multiple creative outlets into the making of Butterfly Boucher with an adventurous and experimental spirit, crafting smart indie-pop with alt rock muscle.

Boucher recorded in Nashville with co-producer Jamie Kenney, and she played most of the instruments — including guitar, bass, drum, piano, synthesizers, and other odds and ends. “While making this record, I found that child-like joyful to creating music again, which I’d been craving,” she shares of her lushly layered, yet not overly ornate album.

Her joy in the process is evident on the lead track “5678!” “This song makes me super happy. I wrote it with my friend Katie Herzig — we decided to take on the challenge of writing a dance song. A couple of my sisters have mentioned that it reminds them of the music I used to make when I was ten years old, when I was just messing around and having fun with a 4-track cassette recorder. It made me so happy to hear them say that.”

“The Weather” and “I Wanted To Be The Sun” were the first songs she started recording for the album. “I was originally set on the album having a three-piece band sound to it, so it started out that way with me just playing guitar, bass and drums. However, my friend David Mead approached me about starting a 3-piece band with him and Lindsay Jamieson, and the band Elle Macho was born. It changed the whole direction of my solo album — it freed me up to experiment with no limitations on what instruments I let myself use. I started looking at each song as though I was scoring a short film, each one having it’s own world and emotions.”

And she’s not limiting her talents to her own solo work. She spent much of 2011 producing fellow Aussie Missy Higgins forthcoming album, touring as a bass player and vocalist with McLachlan, as well as working with a new pop trio Elle Macho. “Everything broadened when I allowed myself to go beyond my solo music, collaborating with others has been key to keeping my own creativity bubbling as well as my sanity!”

Boucher is dedicated to continue producing, writing and playing for other artists but it is her own music that exposes the depth of her talent. Like her previous album Scary Fragile, Television and Film have already began picking up her original songs both in the US and abroad. Stretching the gamut from sincere to playful, her high voltage electric pop inhabits a world of pure creativity where fragility and force are complementary, where indie rock accompanies heartfelt vulnerability.

Although based in Nashville, singer/songwriter Erin McCarley cut her teeth on the San Diego circuit, where she sang in a country cover band and spent her free time writing songs. She later partnered with producer/composer Jamie Kenney and relocated to Nashville, which brought her closer to her native Texas. Combining uplifting pop/rock hooks with McCarley’s wide-ranging vocals, the duo wrote an album’s worth of material before McCarley decamped to Austin for the 2008 South by Southwest Festival. Over the course of several days, she wowed enough industry personnel to secure a record deal with Universal Republic, which readied the release of her endearing debut album, Love, Save the Empty, for January 2009. Meanwhile, song placements in several TV shows (as well as a spot in the movie trailer for He’s Just Not That into You) helped promote the upcoming record, resulting in its debut at number 82 on the Billboard charts.

Nashville-based Jeremy Lister started connecting with music from early childhood while growing up in the middle of Mississippi. A son of a preacher, he began singing and learning harmonies in church at the age of two. Jeremy moved to Nashville in 2003, bringing his first EP, ‘Shooting Star’, with him. In 2005, he released his second EP, ‘So Far’, followed by the ‘Just One Day’ EP, released by Warner Bros. In support of that album, he toured with Brett Dennen and Colbie Caillat, broadening his fan base and making him a staple of singer/songwriters to watch.

In May of 2010, Jeremy joined the Nashville-based a cappella group, Street Corner Symphony, for NBC’s second season of The Sing-Off. As soon as The Sing-Off aired, Street Corner Symphony became a fan-favorite, eventually claiming the second place title in the competition. Immediately following their success on the show, The Sing-Off judge Ben Folds invited them out on the road to tour throughout the mid-west. Currently, Street Corner Symphony is headlining shows all across the globe.

Jeremy released his most recent LP, The Bed You Made, in 2011. The song ‘Sinking Stone’ was recorded by Alison Krauss and Union Station on their Grammy-Award winning album ‘Paper Airplane’. The album also features a duet by Lister and Krauss, ‘You and I’. He toured with AKUS throughout the Summer and Fall of 2011. Between touring and recording a new Street Corner album, Jeremy is currently working on his newest project ‘Set Us Free’. The title track of the album will be the theme song for the MTV show ‘The World Of Jenks’, which premieres its second season on November 12, 2012.

After the critical and commercial success of her 2011 album, The Waking Sleep, and its subsequent packed-out tours, Katie Herzig will finally releases her new record, Walk Through Walls on April 8. A celebratory, love-struck album of sublime dream pop. Herzig has spent years playing festivals such as Bonnaroo and Summerfest and touring as a headliner and as support for Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, The Fray, and as a member of 10 out of Tenn. She has had her music licensed for innumerable film, TV and commercial uses. Including over 10 songs on Grey’s Anatomy and most recently her song “Lost and Found” was featured in the trailer for Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks and in a commercial for Carnival Cruises. Herzig can be heard on RAC’s new EP with their song collaboration “We Belong,” featured on KCRW. Herzig also co-produced songs on Ingrid Michaelson’s forthcoming 2014 Lights Out album, including her first single “Girls Chase Boys.” To put Herzig in any sort of box is for it to be broken as she continues to outdo herself with each new release. Her live show is a dynamic full-band set that is as intimate as it is epic, what listeners have come to expect of Herzig, who toured Walk Through Walls this spring with her band throughout the US.

Since the release of his critically lauded debut album, Dead Language, in 2007, k.s. Rhoads has become one of Nashville’s most sought after collaborators. Whether as a string arranger, co-¬songwriter, producer, or multi-¬instrumentalist, he has come to be regarded as one of the most creative minds in all of Music City. For the past few years, when Rhoads wasn’t working on other artist’s projects, he has been meticulously crafting new songs in his pursuit of a bolder, more explosive sound. Now, with his sophomore album due out March 5th, fans will certainly not be disappointed. The Wilderness is a brave exploration of K.S. Rhoads’ rare and expansive musical ideas.

In 2008, Rhoads was asked to be one of the artists, as well as the bandleader of a highly regarded tour of Nashville musicians called Ten Out of Tenn, and this tour became the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary entitled Any Day Now. Other Ten Out of Tenn alumni include Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, Mikky Ekko, Ashley Monroe of the Pistol Annies, Butterfly Boucher and Gabe Dixon, among others.

In summer 2011, Rhoads was invited to perform with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at WRLT’s, Live On The Green. In front several thousand people, K.S. Rhoads and The Nashville Symphony Orchestra hammered out over an hour of Rhoads’ music, all of which was composed, written and arranged for the orchestra by Rhoads himself. It was a first for both he and the orchestra.

For the production on The Wilderness, Rhoads chose to collaborate with Cason Cooley (Matthew Perryman Jones, Derek Webb, Katie Herzig). Though they had known each other for years, this was the first time they joined together on a major project. With Cooley’s subjective ear, Rhoads found the perfect musical sparring partner, and over the course of a year, they finished Rhoads second album.

Refreshingly sincere, ferocious, and imaginative, The Wilderness offers impressionable and uniquely relatable stories about life. Rhoads’ mastery of words along with his instinctive gift of composing confirms his exquisite skills as a writer, arranger and producer. To no surprise, he was recently honored with the ASCAP Foundation’s prestigious 2012 Sammy Cahn Lyricist Award, and was asked to perform in spring 2012 for the much-¬celebrated TEDx talks.

On the eve of the album’s March 5th release, K.S. Rhoads hopes fans and listeners will get to the heart of the album, which he says, ʺis about the grappling with mankindʹs feeling of abandonment in this universe, and the hope that against all odds, we can, and will, be illuminated.”

Matthew Perryman Jones has a voice that calls out with intensity, truth and emotion. Jones began his career in 1997 in Decatur, GA, and then, after moving to Nashville to pursue music full-time, he issued his first solo release, Nowhere Else But Here, in 2000. As American Songwriter describes, “Matthew’s voice ensnares listeners with a rare authenticity and gritty strength.”

In 2006, Jones released Throwing Punches in the Dark, a departure from his previous Folk/Americana sound toward Pop Rock. In 2008, Swallow the Sea with break-out hit “Save You,” solidified Jones as an artist worth watching. Performing Songwriter Magazine noted Jones as a talent that follows “in the footsteps of Leonard Cohen and John Lennon.”

In 2011, Jones released Until The Dawn Appears which contains retellings of his most popular songs including “Save You,” whose video features Jaimie Alexander (Kyle XY, Thor, The Last Stand). Written shortly after his father’s death, Jones’ latest CD, Land Of The Living, is a courageous personal Odyssey through life’s most troubled waters of love and loss.

One of the most sought-after songwriters in Nashville, Jones builds on his accomplishments with his 2013 single, “Anymore of This.” The duet, written and recorded with Mindy Smith, was featured on ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” in January.

Jones’ songs have also been featured in television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones, Pretty Little Liars, NY Med, Flash Point, One Tree Hill, The Hills, and Eli Stone as well as in the 2012 movie release What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

In addition to Jones’ own headline tours, he has shared the bill with Katie Herzig, Matthew Mayfield, and Joshua James and has opened for such artists as Ingrid Michaelson, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Paula Cole. Jones is also an original member of the nationally acclaimed Nashville collaborative artist group “Ten Out of Tenn”.

Growing up in the rich literary and religious environment of Mississippi, and then moving straight to the country-soaked musical world of Nashville, Trent Dabbs has many stories to tell. Like Flannery O’Connor with her short story collection, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Dabbs pieces his own spiritual and relational questions into well-crafted folk-pop albums. The ghosts of Johnny Cash, old gospel choirs, Neil Young and Nick Drake can be heard roaming the halls of his songs.

With many stories come many different sounds as well. Dabbs is the kind of artist who can reinvent himself and his sound with every record. His newest collection of stories and eighth full-length release, The Way We Look At Horses, is more reminiscent of his 2011 Southerner, which American Songwriter described as “a loosely conceptual album about his southern origins.”

Dabbs says the concept for The Way We Look At Horses came from the idea of equine therapy, or horse-assisted therapy.

“It is said that horses help us connect with buried feelings from the past and provide healing,” he explains. “Many of the themes throughout this album deal with death, love, change and the patterns we’ve adopted to help us deal with difficult times. I love the image of the horse being strong and steady and using that as a formidable metaphor to get us through.”

An artist with a unique business sense, Dabbs has forged his way through an ever-changing music industry by uniting some of Nashville’s best up-and-coming musicians in the touring and recording collective Ten Out of Tenn. Many of these artists such as Mikky Ekko, Erin McCarley, Andrew Belle and Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, among others, have gone on to have critically and commercially successful careers as performers and songwriters.

Dabbs’ own songs have found a home on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, Hawaii Five-0, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and many others as well as in feature films. He recently saw his song “Undermine,” co-written with country music’s new golden girl Kacey Musgraves, playing behind ABC’s hit show Nashville.

Rolling Stone described the Hayden Panettiere/Charles Esten duet as “steamy,” going on to mention that it debuted at No. 7 on the iTunes country chart and sold 22,000 copies in its first week. In an interview with the magazine, Dabbs said, “Having [songs] in the show has just been incredible, because it highlights the authenticity of the song and even gives the writer that much credit.”

Despite these successes, Dabbs remains a humble and avid supporter of his fellow musicians and anyone who is looking to create authentic art. As noted in Athens Blur Magazine, “As beautiful as the talent Trent Dabbs helps introduce to the masses, it’s his own music that merits the most attention.”

Dabbs’ desire is that his audience will take the time to listen to The Way We Look At Horses as a whole work. Though many of the tracks stand on their own and will surely find their way into scripts and onto screens, it is the full story that concerns Dabbs the most. In a time of limitless distraction and instant gratification, perhaps this is what our generation needs most: to sit on the porch with a glass of tea, take a deep breath and just listen.

Tyler James is a Nashville, TN based producer/songwriter and one-half of the band Escondido. He released a number of solo-albums in the 2000s before joining Grammy Award-winning Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros in 2010 as their keyboardist. Launching Escondido in 2013 with collaborator Jessica Maros, the bands critically acclaimed debut album was followed by an appearance on Conan O’Brien and tours with Lord Huron and Wild Cub. James’ songs have been used in a number of Films & TV shows including Sony Pictures’ Sex Tape, New Girl, Brothers & Sisters, The Hills, and Disney’s Bridge to Terabithia. Recently his song “I Will Fall” was performed on ABC’s Nashville by characters Scarlett & Gunnar and debuted at No. 8 on iTunes country charts. James is one of the original members of Ten Out of Tenn dating back to it’s first tour in 2005.