How POS Systems Prevent Theft in Concert Ticket Sales

How POS Systems Prevent Theft in Concert Ticket Sales

Concerts attract a varied audience. People come from all walks of life to come and enjoy a live performance from their favorite musicians.

It’s a date everyone postpones everything they are doing to attend it. The high number of attendees for a concert means more cash in the form of ticket sales.

Selling them at the entrance is an old way of doing things. These days everything is digitalized, from ticket sales to payment of food and everything that requires financial transactions.

It’s a good thing now that we live in tough times- Covid- 19 pandemic period- where everything is infectious, including hard cash.

Have you ever heard of someone who lost cash from an online payment system? Online hacking is real; if you haven’t a victim, and yet you have no security tool, you are just lucky.

An online payment system is something you should have for whatever the service you offer.

Besides, every pizza place needs one especially those with kiosks in concert events need one to support the financial automation service.

What is Point of Sale (POS)?

Point of Sale is a business system with both software and hardware functionality to supports not only sales transactions but also with the ability to support other business operations like

  • Data storage
  • Generation of sales receipt
  • Calculation of tax levies
  • Vendors and suppliers reports

How POS Systems Prevent Theft in Concert Ticket Sales

As a restaurant planning the concert, never worry about the financial loss when you have a PS system automated in your commercial business systems.

1. Enhances business efficiency through transparency

The POS is a straightforward business tool with prompt receipt of transactions such that a participant can download the ticket from their remote location.

You don’t have to be at the venue to have the card. The SAAS app features come in handy to support the remote process with an end to end encryption.

It’s a feature that monitors any dubious activities on the system to prevent any theft.

Supports different payments systems.

Concerts attract both local and international audiences with different payment systems and methods.

As long as you haven’t been sanctioned as a country, the POS system accepts all payment methods with inbuilt currency conversion to prevent any money loss through exchange rates.

The advantage of this is that it uses the current currency rates for a win-win business deal.

The use of EMV chip cards is a plus when it comes to safety to the restaurant owners and also the participants using their cards.

One can easily trace contacts for the person’s details. You can wander about the features that are a hacking tool; it’s left in such a way that only authorized personnel has access to it.

Other payment options include

  • Android pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Mobile Wallets

2. It’s accurate with minimal errors

At your fingertips, the cashiers have access to almost all information with exact details of the current ticket sales in total, daily sales, or weekly sales.

Also, everything is digitalized. There is no manual input of any figures, which is a weakness people use to steal ticket sales.

Everything you do on the front end has a real-time backing on the back end and further to the cloud systems.

As you enjoy your holiday, you can access all the financial information in your home’s comfort.

Helps in concert staff management

Every trace of any transaction on the system is left as proof of service. Staff must log in with their encrypted passwords, including the time.

In case money is sent directly to a bank account, everything is clearly stated, including the finer details like date, time, and location.

If you lack trust with your employees, then this is a system for you. You will minimize small losses due to temptation now that there is no cash handling in the ticket sales.

Payments to vendors and suppliers are all in the system. In just a click of a button, you can open a supplier’s window to get paid and unpaid suppliers.

You minimize the losses as a result of lies on payments when there is no proof. The automation of the POS systems comes in handy for restaurant owners on the move.

You know, no penny leaves the premise unnoticed.

The notification of an alert system is such a vibrant tool. You can choose what alerts you want t get.

Is it withdrawals or deposits or daily transactions? Everything on money matters is at the tip of your hands.

3. Provides real-time financial reports

The reporting system is something to appreciate about this payment system. What do you want to view, click on that page and everything opens within seconds?

You can monitor your business from your holiday destination, the stocks, sales, debts, assets, liabilities, including notification of pending bills and the due ones.

4. Comprehensive information on the receipts

As a concert attendee, your receipt tells it all. The location, the time for payments, the cashier who served you, among other details?

The advantage of this is, in case of any complaint, you have hard copy proof to support your claim.

5. Fast and effective service

Who wants to stay on one site forever waiting for receipt generation? That alone is enough to lose potential attendees for your concert.

With a POS system, irrespective of the number of people who buy the tickets at a go, everyone appreciates the quick service.

Planning a concert is one thing, and its success depends on many factors, including the efficiency of services. Invest in a POS system to support your business growth.