Why Musicians Use Garment Steamer

While it’s sometimes necessary, is there anyone who really enjoys ironing clothes? And what about those special pieces that simply don’t do well with an iron? The solution, a good quality garment steamer. For some, steaming garments are both practical and cost-effective – which is exactly why musicians use a garment steamer Truth is, there are many reasons to switch from ironing to steaming.

Steaming is faster and easier than ironing

Ironing has been the traditional approach to keeping clothes smooth and wrinkle-free. But today, that iron is practically obsolete — especially after you experience all of the advantages of steaming. By any measure, ironing is time-consuming. Garment steaming takes no time, and with a personal steamer, it’s simple to hang the garment – steam away from the folds and wrinkles – get dressed – and get on your way.

Steaming clothes is much better for fabrics

Even with all the fancy settings, ironing does damage to clothing. It may not be that noticeable, but the heat of the iron damages clothes fibers and actually compromise lifespan. Garment steaming, on the other hand, tends to °relax’ the clothes fibers, thus eliminating wrinkles without doing damage. As it is, a good quality steamer will very quickly turn a piece of wrinkled clothing into something impressive.

A far more practical approach than ironing

With a garment steamer, getting rid of wrinkles is only the beginning. A quality steamer does wonder with beaded clothing, trimmings, and fancy embroidery. That’s why musicians use a garment steamer — they can count on fabulous results, with quick turnaround, and no damages. For those really special outfits and costumes, it’s possible to use interchangeable °heads that provide additional flexibility.

No experience required with a good steamer

The fact is, ironing does require some expertise, especially when dealing with collars and buttons and seams. A steamer is far easier to handle and far easier to maneuver around the garment. There’s no ironing board required, there’s no temperature to set, and there’s no way to burn an article of clothing. Best of all, steamers are quite portable and easy to transport — the ideal musicians who travel around.

A steamer does have advantages over an iron

Just because an article of clothing is wrinkled, doesn’t mean it has to be washed again and ironed again.
And although steamers don’t clean all your clothes, they certainly provide some breathing space between wash loads. Besides, washing clothes over and over again shortens lifespan, so it makes sense to steam. Not to forget, garment steaming also lessens the number of times dry cleaning is going to be required.

All types of fabrics and textiles can be steamed

A garment steamer can be used on practically any fabric. You can steam everything from a wrinkly shirt to a fancy gown, to your favorite jeans. You can even steam something that just came out of the dryer. Believe it or not, there’s also a way to create a clean crease with a steamer. Today, whatever you might have needed that old iron for, can easily be switched for a handy, good quality garment steamer.